About counselling

Credence Counselling Witney Oxfordshire

Counselling provides the opportunity to be heard and supported with respect, without fear of rebuke or ridicule. It can lead to safe expression in the midst of difficulty and help you relinquish the exhaustion, stress and burden of keeping a lid on suppressed feelings. The process can evoke a sense of feeling validated, empowered and liberated.

Talking therapy aims to help feelings become more manageable and frequently improves self-confidence. The experience can increase self-awareness and foster greater understanding of past and present circumstances. Some clients find it leads to improved choice-making, particularly in relationships with others.

Setting aside 50 minutes once a week to discuss your concerns confidentially may provide valuable time to process past or present experiences. Time to vent. Time to unwind. Time to reflect. Time to attend to what may be affecting and impacting daily life.

Whether you are experiencing confusion, depression, anxiety or frustration, might you consider counselling as a way forward rather than continuing to face your challenges alone?

You might be wondering how many counselling sessions you need. Client circumstances vary, so therapy may be short-term (perhaps 2-8 sessions), mid-term (up to 20 sessions) or open-ended (several months).

Counselling can be the beginning of a worthwhile journey to improved wellbeing, more satisfying relationships and greater self-esteem.

As the process unfolds, you will be given frequent opportunities to review how it is going and either choose to continue or decide our work is at an end.

I have reopened my therapy room following the Covid-19 outbreak, with appropriate safety measures in place (as advised by the National Counselling Society). Telephone or video sessions are available if preferred.